Law & Order C1
Evolution Line
Law & Order C1Law & Order C2
Rarity Common
Evolution 1
Faction G.I. Joe Marine
File Name Christopher M. Lavigne
Sharp Reflexes: Deal heavy AGI-based damage to one foe. (11-30%)
Law & Order walked the beat in Houston's Fifth Ward for two years before Law decided that there must be a more fulfilling way to be a cop, so he and his canine "Order" enlisted for the M.P.'s. Law is a trained dog-handler with a natural affinity for animals. He is also airborne qualified.
Base Max Perfect Evolve
Regaining HP Regaining HP 380 4766 n/a
ATK Attack 430 6413 n/a
DEF Defense 460 3757 n/a
AGI Agility 520 5511 n/a
TAC Tactic 440 6979 n/a